How to Know if You Should Enroll in Coding Bootcamp

How to Know if You Should Enroll in Coding Bootcamp

From Fullstack Academy and Bloc to Firehose Project, there are a number of top-tier online options for learning and growing coding skills. More and more programs seem to be popping up every day as employers continue to emphasize coding ability as an in-demand skill and must-have talent for new hires. Coding bootcamps are designed to help novice or veteran coders level up their knowledge through regimented or self-paced programs that offer mentorship and check ins until course completion.

Why sign up for a coding bootcamp? They are a significant investment of time and money, so you want to be sure that you’re getting an appropriate ROI on your efforts. If you’re unsure, consider where you are in your professional journey. Here are three moments in your career where a coding bootcamp can make all the difference.

You’re Starting Out

Recent college graduates pursuing jobs in development may be met with an optimistic hiring outlook, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the skills to excel once they start their new roles. Recent grads may have studied computer science or coding-specific concentrations in college, but that background doesn’t automatically translate to the specific programming languages they’ll be using day-in and day-out at their company. Internship experience may help students better specialize, but coding bootcamps can take that knowledge one step further.

A young developer offered his or her first job in development might consider signing up for a coding bootcamp to firm up and hone their knowledge of the programming language or development area they’ll be spending time in. Coding bootcamps can help reinforce and grow skills that will be directly applied at work. Telling a supervisor about enrolling in an online coding bootcamp as a new hire can show a commitment to catching up to other coders and make a good first impression of applied work ethic.

You’re Transitioning

It’s never too late to make a pivot in your development career. If you’ve built your career in web development but want to move to mobile, for example, you might consider an online coding bootcamp. These programs can help you learn skills like iOS and Android at your own pace, while keeping your day job. They can help you decide if you really want to switch focuses by giving you a taste of what working in your prospective new area of development would look like. Coding bootcamps are a great option if you’re looking to make a transition in your career because they can help you discover if a move is right for you before applying to new positions.

If you are looking to transition roles to an area in which you have little experience, coding bootcamps can offer some evidence that you’re qualified and committed to learning more about that area to any potential hiring manager.

You’re Going Solo

Coding bootcamp certifications can help level up your resume at any stage of your career. If you’re moving to freelancing, coding bootcamps can round out and expand your knowledge to help you take on new projects with ease. Having a coding certification on your resume can show any potential clients that you’re capable of doing work in that area and would feel comfortable taking on their projects with that focus.

Coding bootcamps are a great resource for building coding skills on your own time. Participating in the online or in-person programs when you’re starting out, transitioning, or striking out on your own can give you added skills to succeed in any new position.

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