Tumblr taken down from Apple app store

Microblogging service Tumblr continues to be barred from Apple’s App Store, possibly due to it allowing users to upload sexually explicit content.

Last Friday, Tumblr noted in the help centre that its app could not be downloaded, assuring users that they were working to resolve the issue.

“Our team continues to work on the issue with the iOS app, which is our top priority at this time. Thanks for your patience and for checking back here for updates,” it said, in an update on Nov 18.

However, beyond that neither Tumblr or Apple have made clear why the app was taken down.

In Feb, Apple pulled Telegram from its App Store on grounds the messaging app was being used to distribute illegal content, specifically child pornography, to users.

Apple’s guidelines for app makers are so strict that anything available on the store must have a content filter to screen out such material.

Within hours of being pulled, Telegram returned to the App Store with fixes in place to prevent the illegal content from being served to users.
Likewise, Tumblr has been used as a platform to share adult content, and placed the onus on its users to flag such material as “Not Suitable for Work” to warn other users.

The site was even banned in Indonesia for a day in March, with Reuters reporting that the ban followed an email by the Indonesian Government asking Tumblr it to “clean its platform” of pornographic content.


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