Google teams up with Orange to build cable linking France and US

French multinational telecommunications company, Orange has teamed up with Google on a 4,101-mile underwater cable – dubbed the “Dunant” that will link the United States to the French Atlantic coast by late 2020.

According to a post sighted on the, once it done, it will enhance Orange to send a gigabyte-sized movie in just 30 microseconds and enable Orange to meet data and content demands over the Atlantic, from Europe and the U.S., for the next several years.

“Dunant will help address the huge demand for data flows and provide quicker and more efficient connections for both Orange and Google customers,” Orange said.

As per Google, the cable will be active in 2020 and will be the first  major non-telecom company to unveil a private intercontinental cable linking two countries.

The “Dunant” is named after Red Cross-founder Henry Dunant, the first Nobel peace prize winner, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper.


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