minoHealth: AI Healthcare Systems

minoHealth is a health system developed to diagnose diseases accurately better than what the human health worker can execute. The technology, health based system, is reported to use Deep Learning to predict and diagnose medical conditions in patients – a system similarly used by few healthcare system.
They wrote on there website

“Futuristic Medical Health System seeking to Democratize Quality Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence(A.I) Medical Predictions/Diagnostics Systems, Cloud Medical Records System for Hospitals, Ministry of Health and Patients separately and “Big Data” Analytics.”

minoHealth currently has three AI healthcare systems.

•The first system predicts if a female patient would develop Diabetes in the next 5 years or not.
•The second and third systems determine if a Breast Tumor is Malignant or Benign with two separate approaches.

Deep Learning is the most effective part of Artificial Intelligence today.

minoHealth team also plans to work with Epidemiologists in Ghana and Ministry of Health to develop lots of medical datasets to train other Deep Learning models to cater to even more medical conditions and healthcare needs of Ghanaians.

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