GTA 5 Online Cars Update and Improvements

Rockstar seems to be keen to their tradition of adding new content both for PC and consoles. This week we had the chance to get a new combination of cars, bonuses and Adversary Modes. If today we some new content for the GTA 5 Online, there are hopes that we might get some more in the future weeks.

What Are the Latest Changes?

The most recent car that was added to the GTA 5 is the Pegassi Torero, which you can have for the sum of $998,000. According to the official description given by Rockstar, the car comes straight out of a fever dream. The Torero is dedicated to the collectors and it’s a special car with a sleek design and scissor doors. It’s a perfect combination between a luxurious look and a great performance.

What’s best, there is a 25% discount for Engine Upgrades until July 31st. As such, you can pick up the newest beauty around at the Legendary Motorsport. Just look up this Sports Classic and get one for yourself if you have enough money.

A New Adversary Mode

Recently, we also got the chance to see a new Adversary Mode released for the GTA 5 game. This makes players hold a mini-gun as long as they can in order to score more points. You have to squad up and fight in order to gain control of the minigun-toting Juggernaut which can be found in Power Mad. Here, 2 to 4 players have to fight for getting the power-up.

The wielder thus becomes a menace that is heavily armored and has only one goal: to stay alive as long as it’s necessary to score some points.

In case the Juggernaut dies before having the chance to fill the meter, they will drop the power-up and start all over.


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