WhatsApp Video Calling Feature to Receive a Picture-in-Picture Mode

WhatsApp has received many new features after it was purchased by Facebook. Well, today we will talk about the “Video Calling” feature, which was introduced in November 2016. It seems that the developers are now trying to bring a new mode for this feature.

The new mode is called “picture-in-picture” (PIP) and it was firstly spotted inside the WhatsApp version 2.17.265 of the application that was running on developer preview version of Android O.

According to WABetaInfo, the Android 8.0 O comes with a particular API that was used by the developers of WhatsApp in order to enable this new mode. With that being said, there are chances that the new PIP mode will not function on Android Nougat and on older versions of the operating system.

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It is not yet sure if the WhatsApp users will be able to move the PIP window around the screen or if it will stay in a fixed position. At the same time, it is not sure if the video chat will continue in PIP mode in case one of the users will decide to switch to another application.

With that being said, we will need to wait for this mode to be released widely to get more information about it. One thing it is sure: the WhatsApp Video Calling PIP mode will be very useful for the users.

It is not yet sure if the iPhone version of WhatsApp will receive this feature, but more information about this should be unveiled in the coming weeks. However, since the developers have mentioned that they’ve used a specific Android O’s API, it will be difficult to release the PIP mode for iOS.

Are you using the WhatsApp application on your Android device? Tell us what other new features/options you would like to see being added to this application!


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