Microsoft Outlook Applications get a new Update for Android and iOS

Microsoft has just announced a new update for its Outlook application on Android and iOS platforms.

As soon as you update the Outlook application on any of the two mentioned operating systems, you will notice that it comes with redesigned conversations and improved navigation.

To make things even better, Microsoft has confirmed that it will add a new intelligent function for its Outlook applications that will help users to find easier and quicker the emails that they are looking for.

It seems that the new conversation interface is able to show you more text from each mail at a glance. It also has a clearer separation between individual messages to avoid any confusion.

Once you tap on a conversation, you will be able to see the first unread message, which is awesome, as you will be able to pickup exactly where you left off.

You will also notice a “quick reply” box that will allow you to easily write a reaction to an email and it also allows you to see the rest of the conversation while you reply. This is great especially when you are trying to reply to a client, but you can’t remember some specific information about a product that he’s told you about in the email. You can also select the recipient list in order to edit it as you like, but there are also more options that can be accessed via the menu that’s hidden behind the “three dot” button.

Microsoft has also revamped the folder account and folder list and it is now allowing you to switch between different accounts with ease. The new sidebar now comes with some big icons for each account and at the bottom you will be able to find the Settings and Help buttons.

What are your thoughts about the Microsoft Outlook? What other new features or options would you like to see being added to this application?


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