Pokémon Go Update Brings New Items That Helps You Fight The Toughest Raids

The new raid system that has been added to the Pokémon Go has surely made many players come back to the game. At the same time, there have been new players who’ve been trying this game for the first time just to be able to fight bosses with their friends.

The Pokémon Go raid system comes 4 tier list of raids, with the weakest one being Magikarp (tier1) and the toughest one being Tyranitar with 34707 CP (combat power). It seems that Tyranitar is currently a big challenge even for the best trainers out there. If you’ve never joined a raid, you should know that during the fight you can flee to heal your Pokémon by using Revives and Potions and after that, you can rejoin the battle.

A new Pokémon Go update has also been revealed recently that allows you to build up your supplies before joining the battle with the toughest Raids. Some trainers have revealed that up to 28 items can be earned by visiting a Gym.

According to reneritchie from Reddit, by having a Gold badge, the 7 day streak active and control of the Gym, the trainers are able to receive many items. By visiting the gym the player has mentioned that he has received the following items:

  • One Sun Stone;
  • Two Ultra Balls;
  • One Great Ball;
  • Thee Potions;
  • One Great Potion;
  • Thirteen Poké Balls;
  • Two Razz Berrys;
  • Two Pinap Berrys;
  • One Revive;
  • Two Nanab Berrys.

As you can see, there are many Pokeballs in there, but you could surely use revive and the berries while fighting with raid bosses. Niantic has already noticed the big positive impact that the Raid option has brought to the game and we think that in the near future, more new raids will be added to the game along with better prizes.


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