PlayStation Plus June 2017 game rumours and expectations

Sony each month reveals a set of game titles that its PlayStation Plus subscribers can play online free of cost. As it has been since the past several months, the Japanese technology company reveals the list of free game titles for the upcoming month in the last week of the current month.

Following the same tradition, the company is expected to announce the titles that PS Plus users will be able to play free online in the month of June. The games can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and can be played on PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. To become PS Plus subscribers, users need to pay Rs 576 per month.

The PlayStation Universe website predicts that ‘The Crew’ will be a part of the June 2017 list. The open-world racing title was released back in December 2014 and is developed by Ubisoft. The title has already showed up in PS Plus counterpart, Xbox Gold a year ago. Some of the other titles predicted are ‘Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut’, ‘Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate’, ‘Hand of Fate’ and ‘Sacred 3’. The real list of games, however, is expected to soon show up on the PlayStation Blog.


For now, the gaming industry has its eyes set on the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 game conference. The conference is scheduled to take place at Los Angeles Convention Centre from June 13 to June 15.


Sony’s keynote event for E3 will commence on June 12 at 5PM PT (June 13 at 5.30AM IST). The event is likely to see Ubisoft unveiling the new Assassin’s Creed: Origins title. The game is said to be set in ancient Egypt and will launch later this year.

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