Cloudflare introduces new Internet traffic service Argo

Cloudflare today announced Argo, a new service that intelligently routes traffic across the Internet so users can have more reliable and secure experiences on the web.

According to the Cloudflare team, Argo is like Waze for the Internet. Just like Waze routes drivers around traffic and police jams, Argo routes around broken Internet links and traffic jams by monitoring performance and the reliability of the Internet.

“Every second, Cloudflare sees traffic from nearly every eyeball network to every significant origin network on the Internet,” explained Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “Argo uses real-time latency and packet loss data from Cloudflare’s existing traffic to continuously calculate the most efficient routes. The result is Cloudflare’s Argo can deliver a packet from any two points on Earth more effectively than any conventional Internet network.”

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